Pastured Poultry

About Our Birds

It all began with the adoption of 12 hens needing a new home in 2001.  Now Perry-winkle Farm has anywhere from 300 to 400 birds in multiple flocks of laying hens all performing valuable gleaning, soil life enhancement, “crop” diversity, and flavorful egg production activities

All of our chickens roost at night in moveable Egg Mobiles and Egg McMansions that are rotated through our crop production fields and over our pastures. 

This “free-range” lifestyle insures plenty of fresh air, fresh forage, lots of exercise and freedom of movement, and all the bugs and worms they can catch.

We allow our birds to follow their natural cycles–as the daylength shortens and their egg laying production decreases we do not use lights to artificially lengthen their “days”.  Therefore, during the spring months they lay more eggs than during the dark days of the winter.